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adverse effects by more than half for the loss of documented salmon streams, up to fourfold for loss of tributaries and up to threefold for loss of wetlands. We estimated that the 78-year mine scenario would result in the loss of 34 miles of salmon streams, 218.8 – 407.2 miles of tributaries, and 7,208 – 14,893 acres of wetlands.

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Size of tailings dams sparks new concern over Pebble

Oct 14, 2006 The Bristol Bay Native Association in Dillingham on Sept. 29 passed a resolution opposing all large-scale mining in the Bristol Bay region until studies unequivocally prove there will be no net loss to subsistence, commercial and sport users, or to the region’s land, air and water quality.

Proposed Determination of the U.S. Environmental

The Pebble deposit is a large, low-grade, porphyry copper deposit (containing copper-, gold-, and molybdenum-bearing minerals) that underlies portions of the South Fork Koktuli River (SFK), North Fork Koktuli River (NFK), and Upper Talarik Creek (UTC) watersheds. Based on information provided by

Tailings Dam Breach Assessment Rev 0

velocities, and deposition of tailings resulting from tailings slumping. The incremental impacts in the Bear River are expected to be smaller, because of the flood wave attenuation through the Bear River floodplain. The incremental impacts to permanent PAR, potential loss …

Tribes Deeply Concerned for Frasier River Salmon after

Aug 08, 2014 The Pebble Mine, proposed as the largest mine in all of North America, would be far bigger than Mount Polley, and is strongly opposed by Alaska Natives, commercial fishermen and many others. The Pebble Limited Partnership repeatedly claims that large-scale mining and fish can coexist and points to the Fraser River as a prime example.

Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay Alaska USA EJAtlas

The area of Bristol Bay in Alaska is home to one of the greatest runs of wild sockeye salmon and over two dozen Alaskan Native Communities. The area is rich in deposits of gold, copper and molybdenum, which can be found in the around the Kvichak and Nushagak Rivers, two of the eight major rivers that feed Bristol Bay [2] [6].

Stop the Pebble Mine Now in Bristol Bay Alaska

Bristol Bay’s regional economy generates $2.2 billion annually from commercial fishing and supports 15,000 fishing jobs. Credit: K Raymond. If built, the foreign-owned Pebble Mine would poison Bristol Bay, weaken Alaska’s economy, and threaten our way of life. Despite this, the …

Pebble Mine Still Crazy After All These Years NRDC

May 08, 2020 The answer is no. After all these years, the Pebble Mine is still crazy, and the opposition will never relent. Channels Section of Kvichak River Flowing Between Lake Iliamna and Bristol Bay ...

Pebble Mine Scoping Comments Wandering at Large

May 23, 2018 Pebble Mine will straddle the watershed divide between two of Bristol Bay’s most important salmon spawning and rearing areas. I remain very concerned with the mine’s potential to negatively impact the area’s fisheries and wildlife through its wastewater, tailings, and infrastructure.

Tailing Dam an overview ScienceDirect Topics

Dec 11, 2005 Barry A. Wills, James A. Finch FRSC, FCIM, P.Eng., in Wills' Mineral Processing Technology (Eighth Edition), 2016 16.2.1 Tailings Dams. The design, construction, and operation of tailings dams is a major consideration for most new mining projects, as well as for many existing operations (Vick, 1984).It is economically advantageous to site the impoundment close to the mine, …

Permit application reveals size of scaled down Pebble project

Jan 10, 2018 Permit application reveals size of scaled-down Pebble project. The scaled-down version of the Pebble mine project would still be a massive undertaking, as seen in the map above. The heart of the operation would be the mine pit, seen in gray at right, that would be 6,500 feet long, 5,500 feet wide and up to 1,750 feet deep.

Pebble Mine Wandering at Large

Pebble Mine is a proposed open pit copper and gold mine at the northern headwaters of Bristol Bay. The fully developed mine site would encompass over 8,000 acres. Tailings ponds and an open pit would straddle two incredibly productive salmon producing watersheds—the Kvichak and Nushagak.

Study Shows Mine Failure Would Decimate Miles of Bristol

Mar 13, 2019 By: Tyson Fick. Last Friday, as the public comment period on Pebble’s first federal permits opened, Dr. Cameron Wobus presented eye-opening findings from a Pebble Mine tailings dam failure analysis that have commercial fishermen, and many others, concerned about potential impacts of Pebble’s plan.. Dr. Wobus is a broadly trained earth scientist with approximately 15 years of …

10 Ways to Decorate Your Landscape with Natural Pebble Stone

Sep 19, 2019 Similarly, river pebbles are forming by the flow of river water. Properties of Pebbles: Since pebbles are clasts of rocks; they carry almost all physical and chemical properties of parent rocks. Therefore, pebbles are similar to natural stones in colors, textures, grains, veins, strength, durability, and water absorption rates. Uses of Pebbles:

The Pebble Promise in Bristol Bay

of bias or a predetermined outcome,” contrary to what Pebble’s senior leaders have alleged on numerous occasions.18 Pebble’s efforts to dominate the public narrative regarding the EPA’s actions in Bristol Bay have not come cheaply. Since 2010, Pebble has spent more than $4 million on its lobbying efforts, hiring seven lobbying firms.

Alaska is the best place to see wild bears. A new mine

Jan 14, 2020 Alaska is the best place to see wild bears. A new mine could change that. The proposed Pebble Mine threatens the wildlife of the Alaska Peninsula, home to …

Pebble Sprint

Pebble Installation Guide . Overview . The Pebble unit is a low-power RF emitting eNodeB for LTE RAN. The Pebble unit supports one LTE radio sector with two 50 MW(17 dBm) radio streams (4G) that is responsible for radio transmission and reception from UEs in a LTE network. The Pebble unit provides radio coverage for LTE enabled devices and or ...

Girlfriend's account of the story about woman holding an

The pebbles had to be right where she could see them, glowing faintly in the dim radiance of our night-light. This, she told us, would be our protection. Sometimes, when we were still learning to balance, Mother would dab a bit of white glue or toothpaste under the pebble to hold it in place, and we would have to wash it off in the morning.

U.S. Copper Porphyry Mines Pebble Science

The Pebble Mine is proposed for development at the headwaters of the Bristol Bay watershed ... precipitation caused the Gila River to flood and breach the tailings impoundment at the Ray Mine, carrying pollutants 11 miles downriver. ... contamination of farmland, contamination and loss of fish and wildlife and their habitat, and risks to public ...

Mine project threatens Bristol Bay salmon fishery EPA

Apr 26, 2013 –“There would be a complete loss of suitable salmon habitat in the North Fork Koktuli River along at least 18.6 miles of stream habitat . . . Deposited tailings would degrade habitat quality ...

Marine and Riverine Discharges of Mine Tailings

marine and riverine disposal of mine tailings around the world. Concern was expressed about the impact upon coastal and ocean waters, concluding with recommendations to learn more about the disposal of mine tailings into marine waters and into riverine waters.

Pebble Mine Report Wild Salmon Center

2.3 Chemicals Used and Tailings Produced 2.4 The Pebble Mine and the Emergence of the Bristol Bay Mining District. Ch 3: Potential Sources of Contamination 3.1 Mine Rock-Water Interactions: Effluents 3.2 Waste Rock 3.3 Tailings 3.4 Process Water and Concentrates 3.5 Post-mining Pit Lake 3.6 Pipeline Failures 3.7 Tailings Dam Failures

High Stakes Threat Anglers Journal A Fishing Life

May 27, 2020 The Pebble Limited Partnership states that only 0.01 percent of all water entering the bay will be affected by the mine’s footprint. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, in its draft environmental review of the project, says the chances of a major tailings dam failure are extremely low — about one in 2,000. But that risk would continue ...

Pebble Tailings Management groundtruthtrekking.org

Mar 04, 2013 Tailings at Pebble would most likely be stored under an artificial lake. A valley at the headwaters of the North Fork Koktuli River would be blockaded with giant earthen dams and filled with tailings via a slurry pipeline. This variation of conventional impoundment, known as valley impoundment, was modeled in the Wardrop Report.

Waste Disposal at the Pebble Mine

Tailings that contain reactive sulfides- which are present in the Pebble deposit, - can generate sulfuric acid if exposed to both air and water; thus they are often stored under water4. Both solid and liquid components of mine tailings can be toxic and impair natural ecosystem function if not contained properly. 1 Lotterman, BG. 2007.

Modeling the Impacts of a Tailings Dam Failure at the

Apr 02, 2019 Overview • The Pebble Mine Draft EIS dismisses the risk of a tailings dam failure, despite clear risks • To fill this gap, we developed a hydrologic model to evaluate the potential impacts of a...

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